Sep 8, 2017

{All is Well!}

So...I don't know if anyone really checks this often anymore. We have been updating Isaac's transplant journey through a facebook group, but thought I should let you all know we are alive and well here, too!

The bone marrow transplant was completely successful and Isaac is doing great.  He just started school again earlier this week.

The past year has really been a whirlwind, and even once we were able to come home, it was still a lot more isolating than we originally thought. One of the side effects of the medicines Isaac was on all summer is that he became SUPER sensitive to sunlight - like even light that snuck through our closed blinds. It was really so extreme we just had to laugh. So we spent a lot of time in a dark house slathered in tons of sunscreen. We would still go outside, but it was pretty exceptional occasions and we always were weighing pretty heavily if it would be worth the blisters Isaac was going to get. But as of early August, Isaac had an immune study test and his immune system, after 9 months, finally rebuilt itself and we are off of those meds and able to see the sun again! After that appointment we were also given the okay for him to be back in school and to not have to wear his mask anymore.

What a crazy season. But even with the sunlight and getting stir crazy inside we haven't ceased to be thankful for a successful transplant. I've gone through parts of my blog today and tried to update a few things - some of the pages were really out of date, but I've still only done it halfway. Its hard to put everything in your heart in writing. At least it is for me.

Coming up next, is hopefully meeting our bone marrow donor!!! We are signing all the paperwork that says we want to meet him, but he has to do the same as well for it to work out. We want to give him all the hugs, and maybe some tears in person if we can. We're also working on planning the boys double birthday party (2 and 6!) And we are doing another 5k with Be the Match - tomorrow, actually! And our 1 year post transplant appointments, plus a few others in December. We might be at Ronald McDonald again at Christmas time, and I'm not too sad about it. They make it a magic land for the kids. Okay. And adults.

Thats all for now! Thanks for taking the time to read another update :)


  1. So, so glad to hear!! I have been thinking about you all and hoping for the very best!

  2. This post popped up on my Feedly and gave me the biggest smile! So happy that you all are doing well -- been following your blog since you were making homemade nontoxic cleaners ❤️

  3. So happy it went Well! Have been following your blog for many years! /Rebekka, Denmark

  4. Thank you so much for posting! I've been following for a while and love hearing the updates! <3
    I am SO HAPPY to hear how well everything is going!

  5. So very happy to read that your family is doing well! Best wishes to you all and I hope the boys enjoy celebrating their birthdays.

  6. I have loved getting to follow y'alls journey over the last several years. Out of all the bloggers I have stumbled across, your family and your story has remained my favorite. Thank you so much for sharing. Sending love, prayers and hugs from Texas.

  7. Thank you for updating. I poke my nose around here every so often hoping for an update. So happy to hear the good news and see these beautiful photos!

  8. Still reading! Still loving you all!

  9. thank you for your beautiful blog! this is by far my favorite entry. YAY for Isaac and for you!

  10. I am so happy! Keep praying for your precious boy! Love from Greece

  11. I am so happy! Keep praying for your precious boy! Love from Greece

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