my name is mindy coleman. i am, according to my husband, a little eccentric. & maybe a little granola, too. i love being outside & trying to learn to garden - you know, in my spare time. i love to cook. i like to be creative and make things, but that hasn't happened quite as much the last few years. it will again. i have never successfully been able to label myself as either a type a or b personality. i really believe i am exactly half of each. its a weird thing, but if you saw my house you would know...and mostly, since levi, our second born came around i've been chasing two little boys around. a crazy, passing season. and trying to occasionally have grown up conversations and see friends in between.
 this blog started as our 'wedding updates' and morphed into mostly being about isaac, and most recently, i'm not really sure what it is anymore. still a lot of isaac, but...maybe it will change a little again someday. mostly i focus on the good with this blog, but you can know that behind the scenes there are screaming kids, a messy kitchen, wicked bad hair days, and lots of love. i don't know that many peoples lives turn out quite how they think they will, & now 8 years into marriage & two kids later - i can already say ours haven't been all we dreamed of, but our vision for the future is still bright. this is us trying to figure out life without ever becoming too grown up.